Innopolis Open Olympiad
in Cyber Security
International Olympiad for high school students in cyber security
annually held by Innopolis University

FEBRUARY 23-27, 2022
If you want to participate in Сyber Security Olympiad in the Russian language, please, follow the link/Если вы хотите участвовать в олимпиаде по информационной безопасности на русском языке пройдите по ссылке
Here you can see the results of the 1st elimination round in Cyber Security
About Olympiad
It is a free computer security competition with original educational content built on a capture-the-flag, pentest, hack framework etc. created by security and privacy experts at Innopolis University.
Are you passionate about solving a mystery? Do you want to be a superhero in the hacking world? Are you interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Innopolis Open Olympiad in Cyber Security is just for you.
The Olympiad has two stages — online contest (2 rounds) and the on-site competition.
- 2 online rounds (individual and team ). Winners of the first stage will be invited to take part in the on-site competition.
- on-site competition. The on-site stage will take place in Innopolis, Russia. Accomodation and meals are covered by the organizing committee. Transfer from Kazan Airport to Innopolis will be provided. Travel costs to Innopolis should be covered by the participants.
3 reasons to participate:
Top - level contest
Actual tasks reflecting modern cyber security problems
The final stage participants will get Innopolis merch, the final stage winners will receive valuable prizes and souvenirs.
Admissions privileges
Winners will have simplified version of admission to Innopolis University.

Olympiad stages
Registration is open till 25th of November, 2021

Individual Round
November 27-28, 2021, online
Team Round
January 29-30, 2022, online
Final Round
February 23-27, 2022, offline/online
❗️The Olympiad is likely to be shifted to online due to COVID-19 situation.

Task-based CTF is an cyber security competition format that aims to capture the "flag" for completing a task. It can be compromised data, passwords, mails and everything that can be found during the analysis of applications and files. All flags have the same format, for example: InnoCTF {h4110_w0r1d}. For the sent "flag" the participants receive points.
All tasks can be classified into the following categories, and for each we have compiled a list of tools that may be useful in solving.
Someone is missing here.
We think it's YOU!
We are cute
The smartest people work every day to organize the olympiad for you
Regina Fayzeeva
Head of Organising Committee
Aleksey Rodionov
Head of Technical Committee
Maxim Smirnov
Head of Scientific Committee
Dina Ziangaraeva
Specialist in International Relations

Feel free to write and call us.
We really love to communicate with participants!
+7 (843) 203 92 53 (ext. 285)
1, Universitetskaya Str.,
Innopolis, 420500, Russia
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